Nature's Benefit to Life!

Professional Distributor for
Health Ingredient

FINE BS is a professional business agent and ingredient distributor specialized for health supplements and nutraceuticals since 1990.

As focussing on Health Ingredient business, we develop partnership with world leading ingredient producers and establish market together for South Korea.

We study world ingredient market and discover the most professional and specialized ingredient companies to develop partnership.

Based on the partnership, we perform sales and marketing for the partners’ products and services. Our goal is making our customers can feel very comfortable and satisfied about our services as even better than our partners' own branch in the market.

Welcome to Korea!

Korean localization is one of our strengths for satisfactions by our customers and also partners. Our customers could have much better understanding with our localized materials which could provide much faster and easier messages from our partners so that they can feel comfortable to make right decision as selecting the best ingredient for their business.

Our experiences of more than 30 years with global leading ingredient companies make us the most professional business agent between our partners and customers. Now you are reviewing the right partner for your Korean business.

Core Values

Nature's Benefit to Life

We bring nature's benefit to our life

  • Study how to improve the quality of life

  • Select high quality healthy ingredients as scientifically proven

  • Research and develop the most effective and convenient dosage form

Ethic & Reputation

Ethic and Reputation are we respect and care the most

  • Consider environmentally sound and sustainable business

  • Respect our partner's philosophy, honor and reputation

  • Protect consumers right to take real healthy foods

  • Family-ship with all employees and their family

Keep Improving

We keep thinking, keep making steps

  • Never stop studying and developing health benefits for people

  • Develop and applying advanced working system for better performance

  • Creative thinking, planing and action!

和仁 - Harmony & Wisdom

和仁BS - This is who we are

  • “和(Hwa) 仁(In)” is our company name in Korean.

  • “和” means harmony and mutual respect

  • “仁” means kind, wisdom, generous, understanding and consideration.

  • This is our philosophy and how we live and work