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for Health Ingredient

Welcome to Korea!

FINE BS is the most Trusted Specialist in Health Ingredient Distribution, Delivering Quality Solutions for a Healthier World since 1990.

Korean localization is one of our strengths for satisfactions by our customers and also partners. Our customers could have much better understanding with our localized materials which could provide much faster and easier messages from our partners so that they can feel comfortable to make right decision as selecting the best ingredient for their business.

Our experiences of more than 30 years with global leading ingredient companies make us the most professional business agent between our partners and customers. Now you are reviewing the right partner for your Korean business.


Providing the best health ingredients in the market to contribute to the development of high-quality finished products, enhancing consumer well-being and promoting a healthier life.


Discovering and developing wholesome ingredients


Select high-quality healthy ingredients as scientifically proven


Researching efficient consumption methods

Core Values

和仁 (FINE)

Harmonizing with Benevolence and Wisdom


Everlasting Innovation for Superior Professionalism


Acting with Honor for Family, Friends and Customers


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